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BlackBerryContactList offers an extra method and two more fields that provide a little more refinement to the raw items() call. BlackBerryContactList.SEARCH_CONTACTS will return only Contact entries, while BlackBerryContactList.SEARCH_GROUPS will return only BlackBerryContactGroup objects. The default behavior is to return both. Most of the other lookup methods described later in this chapter also have alternate versions that accept these two search types. The following code will first process all of the contacts in a user s address book, and then operate on all the groups.

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From here, you can assign a user to the device, using the Address Book framework, and you can specify an email address, though unfortunately this information isn t used during the deployment. At this point, you can deploy the configuration file to the device. To do so, click on the specific iPhone listed under the Devices section, and then select the Configuration Profiles Tab (see Figure 10-28).

catch( e) { globalserrorHandler(e); } } Without going into too much detail, you can see that the implementations are very similar The only real difference is that calling onComplete after calling the send method mimics the asynchronous calling of the onComplete code block In synchronous mode, after the send method returns, the state of XMLHttpRequest is valid and calling onComplete is correct Handling Errors In both implementations of the call method, try-catch blocks surrounded critical operations, such as retrieving the HTTP request data and processing the HTTP request data Revisiting the code reveals the following generalized approach: try { // Critical operations } catch( e) { globalserrorHandler(e); } The exception block will surround critical operations so that the script can continue Depending on the nature of the exception and the browser, an exception can cause the page to stop functioning properly.

With the Configuration Profiles tab selected, you can click Install to install a specific profile onto the iPhone. Doing so will invoke the standard profile installation GUI, which is similar to the process of importing certificates. When loading a mobile configuration, the first screen that you will see is an overview screen, which displays the profiles intended configuration and trust settings, as shown in Figure 10-29.

PIM pim = PIM.getInstance(); BlackBerryContactList contacts = (BlackBerryContactList) pim .openPIMList(PIM.CONTACT_LIST, PIM.READ_WRITE); Enumeration items = contacts.items(BlackBerryContactList.SEARCH_CONTACTS); while (items.hasMoreElements()) { BlackBerryContact contact = (BlackBerryContact) items.nextElement(); // Process contact here. } items = contacts.items(BlackBerryContactList.SEARCH_GROUPS); while (items.hasMoreElements()) { BlackBerryContactGroup group = (BlackBerryContactGroup) items.nextElement(); // Process group here. }

Tap on the Install button on the iPhone to install the profile. At this point, you will be queried for any information missing from the mobile configuration. For instance, if you configured a VPN, Mail, or CalDAV payload, but did not specify a username, you will be prompted to provide that information at this point (see Figure 10-30). Likewise, if your configuration contains passcode enforcement, you will need to enter the passcode at the tail end of this process. Therefore, if you wish to batch process your iPhones prior to giving them to your users, your administrators will need your user s passwords, or the account creation process will need to be performed by users. In such a case, you will likely want to provide the configuration via a secured web service. This can be a two step process as well. For instance, the batch process might include SSL certs, generic LDAP connections, and perhaps a webclip towards the webhosted service-centric mobile profile. User s then need only click on the custom icon that you provide, which sends them to the remote mobile configuration file, and thereby directly into the installation screen. While not completely automated, it provides a fairly user-friendly deployment method. Unfortunately, there is no authentication sharing between the various services, so you will have to enter credentials for each individual service.

Note: A BlackBerryContactGroup is a special type of address-book entry that represents an address list, such as an email distribution or a working group. These can be read by your application but cannot be modified or removed. A BlackBerryContactGroup is not compatible with a Contact, so do not attempt to cast between the two. BlackBerryContactList provides a useful method, getSortOrder(), that tells you how returned items will be sorted. Depending on the device configuration, this can be BlackBerryContactList.SORT_ORDER_FIRST_NAME, BlackBerryContactList.SORT_ORDER_ LAST_NAME, or BlackBerryContactList.SORT_ORDER_COMPANY. Unfortunately, there is no way to modify the sort order yourself, but this can be helpful for displaying a message to the user or to determine whether you need to sort the results yourself.

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